About Drew


Painting from his self-built studio in the rural village of Lydd, Drew's creativity sees the use of found and salvaged media throughout his work.

After 20 years in property renovation and development. A new  career in art with an emphasis on recycling ♻️ and reusing materials that would have  formally been put in landfill. Having a habit of working 7 days a week.  Now with a studio painting is the same. Up early with brush and spray can in hand by 7.30 am. Paintings vary according to materials, paint, canvases including size. 8ft x 4ft sheets of plywood down to the bottoms of drawers. 18 inch square. Emulsion paints, spray paints, chalk paints and varnishes. Brushes , pens , sponges , scrappers squeegees and stencils. 


This sustainable creativity includes the recycling of abandoned paints, varnishes and substitute base materials such as metal and wooden panelling as opposed to traditional canvas.




Drew's inspiration from rural local landscapes are evident across his work, from derelict buildings, power pylons and wildlife, to still life, interiors and pets.




These artworks have huge impact, to make a big statement in any interior.