Art & Quirky Finds in Rye

Ashbees 100 is a gallery meets quirky antique / curios shop at the heart of Rye, East Sussex.

We are agent and a gallery for local artists Outsider Drew and Alberto Ferrari, both of who produce their art using reclaimed materials pieces in the East Sussex/Kent area.

Painting from his self-built studio in the rural village of Lydd, Drew's creativity sees the use of found and salvaged media throughout his work. This sustainable creativity includes the recycling of abandoned paints, varnishes and subsitute base materials such as metal and wooden panelling as opposed to traditional canvas.

Alberto Ferrari, Italian born artist based in Buckinghamshire. Following the footstep of his dad (Riccardo Ferrari the Italian artist born in Milan in 1940), he’s creating abstract and dreamy artworks using vintage magazines, books and reclaimed materials.